If to describe the current industrial society trend into a word, it should be information. We already live in the information society at our companies, schools, organizations and homes without realizing it. Information works as the important factor controlling personal and corporate competitiveness in every field.
There are all kinds of computer and communication systems at the center of such information society.
Our company's role is to support it and to keep information environment secure quietly and unnoticeably behind.
Since founded in 1980 under the company name Boyung Electronics, We, Global Electricity Co., Ltd., have engaged ourselves only in specialized production of the Power Equipment such as the Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), the Battery Charger, Industrial Rectifier, Solar Power System and Energy Storage System.
Even now our power equipment is protecting customers' information environment securely in most of industries from public sectors, the financial industry and private sectors to basic industries such as IT, power, communication, finance, broadcasting, steel and petrochemical. To name a few, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), KT, Korea Expressway Corporation, POSCO, National Tax Service, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Postal Service Ministry (current the Ministry of Information and Communication), National Administration Network of the Ministry of Government Administration, Seoul Metro, National Livestock Cooperative Federation (NLCF), Gimpo International Airport and Incheon International Airport for government institutions and state-run enterprises as well as SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, SDS, Dreamline, Powercom, Hanwha Chemical, the financial industry includes banks, insurance companies and securities companies.
Besides, we have acquired the international quality system ISO 9001 and EQ, the quality system of Korea Electrical manufacturers' Cooperative to ensure through the quality system. We acquired the KEPCO's power facilities supplier qualification R-Class in 1998.
In the technical aspects, we have recognized the in-house R&D center by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1988, we have excellently completed many government supported development projects, we have acquired UL certification which is very uncommon in the industry, and government awarded citation for export contribution. By endless advance technology research and development of our excellent technical employees with more than 30 year experience to meet requirements of customers and information environment, we have owned or filed more than 9 intellectual properties including patents, design patents and trademarks, and we will never stop such R&D efforts.
When you are on highway, subway or ship, when you are using a phone or a mobile phone, when you are accessing internet home or at your company, when you are visiting a public office or a bank, or when you are using electricity, you are already our customer.
We appreciate meeting with our customers and we are committed to do our best to keep our customers from unnoticeable places.
Thank you.
Head Office and Factory 3 Sa-306 Sihwa MTV, 335 Sihwa venture-ro , Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Area Land -2,526 ㎡ , Floor are/ total floor space -749.0 ㎡ /970 ㎡
Ownership Own factory
Capital 730 million KR won
Debt to Equity Ratio
(Total Liabilities / Total Capital)
54% (in 2007), 48% (in 2008), 38% (in 2009)
12% (in 2010), 13% (in 2011), 12% (in 2012)
R&D Investment Ratio
(R&D Expenses / Total Revenue)
6% (in 2007), 9% (in 2008), 9% (in 2009)
10% (in 2010년), 8% (in 2011년), 9% (in 2012년)
Assets 3.84 B KR won (in 2007), 4.32B KR won (in 2008), 4.89B KR won (in 2009), 5.09B KR won (in 2010), 5.17 B KR won (in 2011), 5.07 B KR won (in 2012)
R&D Organization In-house R&D Center recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Korea Industrial Technology Association's Certificate No. 0061535)
Credit Rating BB+ (Rating agency : ECREDIBLE )
Main Products - Energy storage system (ESS)

- Uninterruptible power system (UPS)

- Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

- Static transfer switch (STS)

- Rectifier/ Battery charger

- DC power supply
- Frequency converter

- High frequency switching rectifier

- High power charger/ discharger system for battery production

- Battery management system

- Remote monitoring system for UPS and power equipment

- Off-Grid PV power system
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