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Characteristic of 7000 SERIES UPS – Green UPS
Transformer-Less UPS is not only to increase the efficiency of the electricity, but also cost aspects, and to consider the future value of the product and the environment. It was developed at headquarters in 1999 for the first time in Korea, and it has been commercialized through several experiments.
The biggest feature of the Transformer-Less UPS is simple structure, reduction of weight and cost, and also considered the environment aspect by elimination of the transformer.
In addition it was created by All IGBT System to minimize the input current consumption, it does not affect to the power gird to maintain the harmonic content less than 5%.
Finally, by using the minimum amount of electrical energy to minimize the carbon and CO2emissions, and contribute to environmental preservation.
Environment-Friendly Green UPS
l  By using Transformer-Less Technology, It minimize the use of resources required to manufacture the products, it can minimize the emission of carbon. In addition to the load test function by energy regenerating system, it minimizes the power consumption required for production.
l  It minimize the driving power by high efficiency (Peak efficiency: 94%) due to Transformer-less technology
l  It minimizes pollution to the power side and high input power factor achieved due to IGBT Rectifier.
High Quality Power Supply
l  It achieved Full Digital control by SVM (Space Vector Modulation) technique.
l  3D SVM technique has applied for minimizing neutral current input on the IGBT Inverter.
l  High-performance DSP is used (Digital Signal Processor: Capable of high-speed digital computing micro controller) in control circuit.
l  It emphasizes the environment-friendly power source side by using IGBT Inverter. (THDi 5%, P.F 0.99)
l  UPS is highly efficient due to the Transformer-Less technology. (Up to 94%)
l  It adjusts the load power factor tolerances in order to apply to new IT loads. (지상 0.8 ~ 진상 0.9까지)
l  It keeps the sine wave in non-linear load too. (Allowable crest factor Up to 3:1)
High Availability
l  It uses each of the DSP in rectifier and inverter to reduce the calculation burden of DSP.
l  The system is Distributed Control System which uses each of micro controllers in rectifier, inverter, and Display & control in order to prevent down of the system in the event of one of controller fault. doad side.
l  It is more useful with redundant operation with two high capacity UPS.
Friendly feature of power and generator
l  The walk-in function to minimize starting current to UPS input, so it is friendly to the generator.
l  It excludes the use of the power capacitor which interferes with the generator operation.
l  Over-sizing is not needed when calculate the capacity of the generator.
l  The occurrence of harmonic current to input side is minimized.
ABC (Advanced Battery Care option)
l  The function of following the battery life in the conventional method that always float charge the battery, by reducing the depletion of electrolyte, and corrosion of the separator within the battery caused prolongs the life of the battery.
l  It uses the Periodic Self Discharge Test function to prevent the Sudden death, the biggest weakness of sealed maintenance free battery which is caused by depletion of electrolyte, and tells the operator when the abnormal error occurs.
l  To extend the battery life, applied the ICS (Intermittent Charging System) technique rather than floating charge technique (Not always charging the batteries).
l  IGBT rectifier will reduce the ripple of the charging current that promotes the premature breakdown phenomenon of the battery, and it contributes to battery longevity.
Cause & reasons of premature battery failures

l  It provides Battery Backup Time Display function to inform the discharge time of the battery when the power failure occurs.
l  It has Quick Charging function to shorten the recharging time after power failure.
ICT: Intermittent Charging Technology
Like as figure below, Intermittent Charging Technology stops charging and maintains open cell state when it reaches the target charging voltage, and recharge aging when it reaches the lower limit voltage with the result of self-discharge of battery to maintain open cell state in most of operation time, so it reduce the corrosion of the separator and epletion of electrolyte as result.

l  Run auto-charging when the abnormal occurs by analyzing parameter of each cell, if battery management system is equipped.
l  Able to set up continuous floating charge
l  Battery Self-Testing function adjustable

ESLT (Energy Saving Load Test)
l  It is the function that do not consume power to heat in the load test, so it can save energy and electricity cost. 
l  It can reduce load power and cooling power.
l  It eliminates the need for the load bank in load test
l  This function is useful in site load test and periodic full load test
Cost effective Equipment                
l  There are cost and price cut by Transformer-Less Technology
l  The installation space can be minimized by the compact design
l  It make possible to save driving power with high efficiency due to Transformer-less technology
l  It make possible to save power, generators, power equipment investment costs due to IGBT Rectifier
System Selectivity
l  You can choose system voltage from 380V / 400V / 415V on the LCD Display
l  You can choose system frequency between 60Hz and 50Hz on the LCD Display
l  It supports Frequency Converter Mode
l  You can choose battery quantity on the LCD Display due to Battery Converter
(360V EX: Can select between DC12V 25EA ~ 40EA)
Network-Friendly, Generator-Friendly UPS (IGBT Rectifier)
l  It can minimize the stress on the power plant by maintaining the harmonic content of the input current within 5% by rectifier IGBT; it does not affect input side of the power system
l  It achieves reduction of input current consumption, wires, circuit breakers by high input power factor (Up to 0.99) control by the IGBT Rectifier
l  It is irrelevant to the Frequency variations that can occur when using the generator, so that enables to perform stable operation
l  The allowance rate is not required when selecting power supply, so it is easy on the system configuration
l  Reliable operation is possible without the influence of the harmonic generator and the notch during generator operation
l  It ensures reliable operation when using generator without various abnormalities such generator voltage rise due to input filter, Hunting due to notch, and harmonic which SCR Type has.
l  SCR type which THDi and input power factor is changing due to input power factor, and voltage variation due to charging state, whereas IGBT Rectifier used in 7000 Series will always remain constantly.
High Quality Power to adapt to the latest IT load
l  SVM Digital Modulation of inverter which designed to fit the network load side including transformer has the following characteristics
l  It maintains the precise voltage stability and parallel in each phase unbalanced load conditions 
l  Even when changing the load, it maintains the excellent output voltage and transient stability
l  Linear load output THDV 2%, less than 3% for non-linear load, the output voltage will maintain the sinusoidal waveform
l  It can cover the load power from 0 to 0.9 without de-rating shown as below figure
l  It can supply short circuit current to 2 * ln, it allows to easy selection of protective devices for selectivity in the load distribution system, and always remain constantly
LCD Display
l  It is easy to operate and manipulate with ergonomic operating panel with large color touch screen
l  You can choose language between Korea or English
l  You can backup important information such as measuring values, operation history, and parameters by USB port
l  The MTTR time has been reduced by detailed alarm indication and self-diagnosis
l  You can change various operating parameters by full digital control (Protected by password)
l  It can record the 1,000 of operating history, and 50 kinds of display measurement
Network UPS
l  Network Interface function and external communication have been improved such as RS-232C, SNMP, MODBUS, TRMS
l  It supports alarm contact function (Dry Contact: Common alarm, AC fail, Low battery, On Bypass)
Economical IGBT Rectifier
l  It can increase the power factor to 0.99; it can reduce KVA about 30% down compared to traditional method. It lowers the input current wire size of power supply side, and circuit breaker specification, so you can get cost savings effect
l  You can reduce the transient currents by step-by-step soft start function when power is back on after power failure. As a result, you can minimize the over-sizing when you select the generator and circuit breaker
l  You can reduce the capacity of generator by “On Generator Current Limit” function; you have an advantage when you select the capacity of generator.
Specification of 7000 Series

Remote Monitoring System – SNMP Adapter