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SNMP Network Monitoring and Automatic Shut Down
•It is possible to remotely monitor Global Electricity's UPSs wherever internet is accessible.
•Operating systems supported: Windows, XP and resent versions.
•Network protocols supported: TCP/IP, SNMP, Web Server (HTT P ), Telnet, E-mail (SMTP), DHCP and so on
•If monitoring an UPS from the corporate intranet, it is possible to monitor remotely with Internet Explorer without a dedicated program. It is possible to monitor multiple UPSs remotely and simultaneously with our dedicated UPS remote monitoring program (SNMP VIEW).
•A trap message is displayed on PC upon UPS failure and it is possible to send by e-mail or SMS to a mobile phone.
•In order to use the automatic shutdown function, simply install our corresponding operation program on the server connected in the same network.
Dedicated TRMS Remote Monitoring for KEPCO
•It is dedicated remote monitoring use for KEPCO. With built in TCP/IP SNMP agent, it interoperates with TRMS (Total IT device Remote Monitoring System) over KEPCO's LAN network, and it provides operation status and failure information for UPSs and rectifiers in real time.
Long Distance Remote Monitoring by Modem
•It is possible to monitor a system long distance apart remotely via a phone line. It is useful for islands or unmanned stations where are unable to configure LAN or internet network.
Short Distance Remote Monitoring by RS232C Cable

•It is possible to monitor and control an UPS located in a short distance from a PC in real time by connecting both directly.
[Example of monitoring screen through the SNMP program]

▶Detail monitor (one phase)
▶Detail monitor Three phase)
[Example of monitoring screen through the WEB]