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• This power system is operated separately from utility power system mainly in independent and isolated areas such as islands, and is configured mainly with 1 or 2 sets of middle or large capacity inverters.
Solar cells, the power regulators, batteries, the inverter, the emergency generator, the charge, the distribution panel and the remote monitoring system are installed for large scale facilities, and they are used as the main power source within the isolated area.
Separate Solar Inverter System
Products Introduction
1.Solar Cell Array
2.DC-DC Converter/Charger
5.Emergency Generator
6.Battery Charger
7.AST, Relay and Power Distribution Panel
8.Remote Monitoring System
DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter

- It regulates unstable DC power from PV modules and supplies to batteries and the inverter
- Input: DC 200-350V
- Output: DC 180-270V 60KW
▶ Features:
- Buck Converter(Non Isolated type)
- IGBT utilized DC-DC converter
- N+1 parallel redundant
- By modular parallel configuration,system can normally operating with remaining modules upon failure in a module
- Hot pluggable modular structure ruction
- High efficiency up 93% or higher
- RS-232C and Modbus communication ports
- TVSS installed on PV modules input


- It converts DC power from the dc-dc converter or batteries into AC and supplied to loads
- Input : DC 180-270V
- Output : AC 3 phased 4 wire 380/220V
▶ Features :
- High frequency switching method
- Sequence controlled IGBT PWM controlled
- High efficiency 94% or higher
- The isolated redundant system by 2 inverters
- LCD Display
- Up to 1000 operation logs
- Built-in inrush current protection reactor considered of home subscriber

- It selects redundant inverter output and supplies AC power without momentary outage upon failure in an inverter.
- Switching method: Uninterrupted transfer by Semiconductor switch
- Input and output characteristics
- Phase: 3 phased 4 wire
- Rated voltage: 380/220VAC
- Rated frequency: 60 Hz 
- Transfer time: within 4ms
- Switching conditions

- The device that converts AC power from the emergency generator into stable DC power, and then charges batteries and supplies power to the inverter
- Input: AC 3 phased 4 wire 380/220V
- Output: DC 180-270V
- IGBT PWM Rectifier
- Input current harmonic distortion (THDi) less than 5%
- Input power factor 0.85 or higher
- High performance 93% or higher
- LCD Display
- Up to 200 operation logs
- Automatic equalized charging
AC Distribution Panel
AC Distribution Panel

- The device that distributes AC power from the inverter or the generator to subscribers
- AC 3 phased 4 wire 380/220V
- Multifuncion digital instrument (V,A,W,VA,VAR,F,PF,VECTOR and waveform display and log recording)
- Digital protection relays (OVR, UVR, OCR and OCGR)
- ATS for inverter-generator transfer
- Built in 80KA TVSS per load distribution circuit (distribution line)
RS-232C and Modbus communication ports
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①Battery Charger,  ②Inverter-1 ,  ③STS ,  ④ Inverter-2 , ⑤DC-DC Converter

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