PTX- series 4000
PTX- series 4000G
PTX- series 6000
PTX-serise 7000
UPS for Railroad and Subway System

Modualar Parallel Redundant

Industrial DC Power Supply

Charger and Discharger for Battery Production and Test


Automatic Voltage Regulator

Battery Management System


STS(Static Transfer Switch)

Remote Monitoring Device


Current power system produces electricity at power plants in batches according 
to prediction of electricity demand and suppliesit directly to each consumer.
Although it is necessary to prepare reserve electricity for peak demands per hour, 
there is a huge amount of power loss as there may be a difference between supply 
and demand.
To solve this problem, it is helpful to store idle power at night's light load to optimize 
power operation through load-leveling used for daytime peak loads.
The energy storage system can store the power produced by GRID, then supply it at 
the time when power supply is most needed, thus increasing energy efficiency and 
storing power in stages, from generation to transmission to consumers.
Applying these ESS technologies to power systems can reduce expensive fuel use, 
mediate base loads, stabilize transmission power, and improve power quality.

그림 2-1 ESS configuration.JPG

▲ ESS configuration

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                                         ▲ ESS concept

Main functionof ESS

• Stable power grid
• Improve power quality
• Power cost reduction
• Load leveling
• Intermittent peak shaving
• Short-duration power stabilization(Smoothing) for renewable power generation
• Energy time shift
• Frequency regulation

Special Feature of Global PCS(GP-3000)

• High efficiencyof over97% in one way and 92% in round-trip.
• IGBT PWM technology with SVM control by DSP
• Modular construction by AC switchgear + PCM + DC switchgear construction for 
  increasing safety and easy maintenance
• Plug-in type power-stack structure to reduce MTTR and easy maintenance
• High reliability by optimized stack cooling
• 100% front access structure suitable for container installation
• Advanced control algorithms (patent is registered)
• Optional ESS for Emergency power and Uninterruptible Power System which include 
  grid- disconnect switch(External static switches are not required)
• Four-leg systems to improve voltage unbalance characteristic at unbalanced load
  condition (for emergency power and uninterruptible power supply)

               ▲ Installing case) Head Office of KDN in NAJU, PCS 250KW* with LIB 500Kwh*2sets

그림 2-5 Plug in type power-stack.jpg

                                    ▲ Plug-in type power-stack

그림 2-6 4-Leg system 구성도.JPG


 ▲ 4-Leg System Configuration Diagram